Our Mission:

To be a vibrant Carmelite monastery which nurtures spiritual growth and formation in the Christian community through retreats, conferences and ministry to parishes.

Our Vision :

To be a peaceful reflection of the kingdom of heaven so that all
are able to:

  • Achieve intimacy with Christ
  • Integrate spirit, mind and body,
  • Live compassionate, prayerful and hopeful lives and
  • Fulfill their role in God’s plan.

Our Values:

In all that we do, Mount Carmel values:

  • Maintaining a praying presence in the world,
  • Living in gratitude for God’s providence,
  • Treating all with compassion and confidentiality,
  • Revering God’s work in personal journeys,
  • Sharing the wisdom of the Carmelite Saints and
  • Being faithful to the spirituality of the Discalced Carmelite tradition.

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